Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday baby

My baby is 4 years old today! I can't believe how fast time flies... it was just yesterday that we came home and got to know each other. It was just yesterday that she was 3 and we were having a monkey party...

It has been a very wonderful year and I am looking forward to my big girl getting bigger and stronger and smarter each day! :)

On another note, I want to send up a little prayer of thanksgiving to Lil M's first mother. May the Lord's blessings shine down on her today, too.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One of those...

weeks, i guess...

Here's the breakdown.
1. AC unit went out needing to be replaced (lots and lots of money)
2. Broken camera (that i left on the top of the car, yes i'm an idiot)
3. Tax bill (that i miscalculated 2 years ago... due to sleep deprivation)
4. Washing machine went out (oh great... more money!!)

On top of money stress, which will be worked out, Thank God... there's work stress and T stress...

on a positive note, Lil M turns 4 on Friday! :D I ordered her a Little Mermaid cake to go with the decorations... she got her first soccer ball and cleats today... and starts soccer on Wednesday. Wait, that's more money... but it's a good spending one.

We should find out Wed what T is having.

Tomorrow, Lil M goes for her 4 year check-up and shots. Killing two birds with one stone (foster license update and immunization records for school). I think I found her a Chinese-American Dentist that we're going to see in a few weeks. Am trying to find her a Chinese-American Ped too, but not sure if I have yet or not.

Why? 'Cause, I figure they might have a little more heritage knowledge than other doctors... and I think it would be nice for Lil M to see familiar facial characteristics in some adults and other people... just an idea. who knows.

Next up... wanting to get her into Chinese school.... if i can. oh and still haven't registered her for basketball camp.

wow, we could be busy this fall. that is if i can get the finances under control.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've been asked to link to a blog called Adoption Experiences. I hope you will go out and see what other folks are writing about their lives and adoption. Oh, and I was asked if they could put my blog is on their site now, too. :) How nice is that?!

Last night, T was at her BF's house and she started having sharp stomach pains. So bad that she was doubled over, in fact. So, I had him bring her home immediately and I took her straight to the ER. They did a CBC blood panel and a urine test and checked for the baby's heartbeat (not in that order). We did hear the baby's heartbeat (130 bpm) and it kick, thank God. Everything came back normal, but they did give her Tylen*l and something else to help her stomach relax a little. Seems like everything is OK for now. They weren't sure why it was happening though. When I read about it online, several places said that it was likely her uterus growing. So, let's see.

Lil M is doing well. I'm excited for her birthday party next week. I still can't believe she'll be 4 years old and that she came home to me over 3 years ago now!!! Amazing. :D


Monday, August 16, 2010

Last week

I haven't written in awhile... last week was a bit crazy for us. Monday, I took Manna (17 yo cat) to the Vet to get her meds refilled and blood work done. She's lost another pound... and is down to 4lbs 8oz. :( Gotta concentrate on her... Otherwise, the Vet said she looks great... her coat looks good and she is doing alright other than the weight loss. Does have a little heart murmur, but that's due to the thyroid/weight condition.

Wednesday, we went to T's 17 week Midwife visit... we heard the baby's heartbeat (150 bpm) and it kick and push away from the monitor... kind of neat. Lil M went with us. I've been struggling with headaches for 3 weeks or more and didn't feel too great, so I stayed home after that. Took a nap, and then T wanted to get some things done while we didn't have Lil M... (birthday stuff), so I agreed. We had a pretty good afternoon, until we got home and the AC was out. :( bah. Oh, and the three of us had a fun dinner with Auntie Ellen... it was great seeing her.

So, when we got home, I tried to get ahold of the people I've used before for HVAC issues... and their line was busy. So, I finally got someone else from a different place to come out first thing Thursday morning. My AC was fried. :( It needed to be replaced. So, Thursday, I got estimates from a couple of places... and went with the one who could come out on Friday to install a new one.

Friday, the HVAC place installed the AC portion of the new system, but they need to come back and finish the heat part later. I need to call them this week to find out approximately when they can do that. But we had AC by Friday night! Yahoo!!! Of course, it took hours for the temperature in the house to come down to a reasonable degree, but it felt great. The downstairs was so humid that the carpet bubbled up... and I was worried, but after a couple of days with the AC and the dehumidifier running it went back to normal, Thank God.

Saturday, we all laid around the house being completely lazy after not having AC in the house for 3 days... we were tired! Man, heat can wear you out. Yesterday, we went to the baseball game, and sweated some more... but it was a good day. Mimi and Chase came to hang with us.

So, there you have it. I ended up with a new heat pump system because mine was 26 years old and I knew that if I didn't go ahead and replace the whole thing that something might happen later this year or next requiring the heat portion to be replaced. This way, the whole thing is new, and hopefully will last us well until we find a new house in the district I want when Lil M gets to big-girl school. :)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fur friends

I haven't written about the animals in the family for awhile... Maggi will be 4 this November, just like Lil M will be 4 next month. Skippy is likely about a year older-ish than Maggi. Both are well. Maggi has more hair than any dog I've ever seen!! LOL. She's gorgeous, I think, but I don't brush her coat or take care of it nearly like I should. Last week I hosed her down, literally, and have now brushed her two full times... a small office type trash can full of hair!! I think we should collect it and weave it like lambs wool or alpacas. ;-) Ok, or maybe not. She's still a firecracker and barks an inordinate amount, but she's such a sweet dog. Skippy is just as skittish as ever.

Manna, my 17 year old cat has gotten even more rambunctious in her old age... opening the cabinet to root through the trash...and sitting guard in front of the refrigerator and sink... lest one of us opens the fridge, cabinet or the pantry for food...that she can scam. Bless her, she has a thyroid condition and could eat a cow and not gain any weight... funny, Manna eating cow. ;-) Ok, maybe a chicken.

Lil M loves them all, and particularly likes to chase Maggi around. She likes to pet Manna and pick her up (yikes... Manna's pretty frail)... and sit on Skippy or Maggi at will.

I have good animals.

Then there is Eisenswine. He's T's guinea pig. Enough said.