Sunday, December 2, 2012

All my children collage

Here's the collage I posted the link for yesterday. I've had 10 fosters now... Torrie, Bri, Brittany, Kayla, Chase, Alea, Kimora, Samara, Kyana and Carolyn. Ages have run the gamut from 3 days to 20 years (in KY they can still be in care until 21).

And, of course, I always, always have my LITTLE M!!! :D


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall is here

Here are some pics from this fall. We've been busy, as usual... I'm almost done with my Masters in Business Informatics. Mia and S are both in 1st grade. I was laid off my job in October, but have found another, thankfully. At the same time, Baby K came (S' bio sister). The way God works is awe inspiring. Not sure how long they'll be here, but definitely until sometime next year.

A collage pic I created :)

Peace and blessings to all.