Monday, May 13, 2013

It is done.

So... last weekend, I did my first half marathon in 6+ years... and this weekend, I graduated with my Masters Degree. What a fabulous week, it was. My girls are THRILLED that I'm done... and my very-wise-friend Ellen suggested that I start training for a marathon... seeing as I have to have a goal on the horizon. I concur. :) So, once I stop feeling crummy (caught something from 2 fosters), I can't wait to get more long runs in!

Here are some pics...

Here are some from graduation day.

Goose is happy Mommy Graduated!

Hugging my last Professor who hooded me.

Don't give Mama a hard time about straight lines, or I'll go all Ninja on ya!

Just me. :)

Two of my favorite people

The gaggle, plus 2.

My other half and I.

I can now say this. :)
I have some amazing family and friends who have supported me through EVERYTHING. I love them more than words could ever say.