Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lil M got to start taking gymnastics last night. I think she liked it and think it'll be good for her physical development. She seemed very comfortable out there with her class. I didn't get any pics, but am sure I will soon! :) We're signed up for the next 10 weeks. After that, as usual, I'll re-evaluate to see if this is something she'd like to continue. I looked into soccer, and the winter classes are way too early in the day for us. Dance has been going for awhile and she can't restart that until summer. Well, unless we go somewhere besides where we were... I'm waiting to see if I can get her started on some type of music training.

I checked in on the school I'm hoping to get Lil M in for Kindergarten... for this coming year we'll have to pay tuition, unless I can figure out somehow to get us moved there. Two problems for this, one, the university wants to buy our properties in my neighborhood, but I'm like 30 or 35 on the list... and they are estimating currently that it'll be 4-5 years before they buy!! 2nd, the market hasn't fully come back yet. I might try to list my house this spring and see if I can get it sold. If so, we'll move. If not, I guess we'll wait.

Regardless, I'm praying she can get into the school I want. If not, then I'm going to look into Montessori and private.



Laraf123 said...

I'm in the same boat. Henry will start Kdgn in 2012 and I've narrowed it down to two districts. Of course, I'll have to sell my house and move first. Just like the other five people on my block. Next door has been listed for ten months :( Hope you have better luck!

Beautiful Mess said...

Gymnastics! So fun and so cute seeing those little bodies tumbling all over the floor! Love it.

Good luck with school and the house. I'll send out a little prayer for ya, hon.

Mama Melissa said...

Thanks you two. :) Yes, the gymnastics was super cute.

I'm considering listing my house this spring, but that wasn't really my thought up until now... but if it is going to be that long, that's going to be big.I could even wait until next spring.

I started my masters too, and am working on that this spring. So, I don't want to go overboard with everything, if that makes sense! we'll see. :)

How are you all doing?