Monday, August 15, 2011

My baby's almost 5!!!

I can't believe my *baby* is almost 5 years old! AND she's starting Kindergarten next week!! Oh my goodness!!

I never thought that her going to K would be a problem for me. I mean, we've been calling daycare "school" for years now... but, it IS a big change for her and for us. She's a big girl now.

She's starting to get better about telling me what is wrong or when she needs/wants Mommy-time or me to herself... which is great. She's never actually liked to share me much, and I'm so proud of how she shared over the past 2 years of fostering.

T came over and helped me clean this weekend, thank goodness. She's a life saver. I just haven't been motivated. With the kids moving in and out, it just wasn't worth all that work. But I'm SO glad it's better now and I think it'll look ok for company during Lil M's birthday party. Lil M was great at playing with baby G this weekend so T and I could get things done.

...But back to school. My little girl is growing up!! It feels like it was just YESTERDAY she came home and we started this little family of ours. And then other days, it's hard to remember all the details! It's gone by so very, very fast. People say it goes by fast, but seriously... blink, and you'll miss it!! And I don't want to miss even one moment! :)

Next week we're going to do a pool party at the house and I'm hoping to do gifts first, then cake, crafts and then swimming... let's see how that goes. I just know last year we did gifts last and that was just too late. She wants Kai Lan... or maybe Hello Kitty. I've got to nail that down this week. LOL. :)

Crafts for the kiddos... painting wooden face masks (on a stick), stringing beads, coloring/painting, and making bubble makers. I need to get invitations out this week! YIKES.



Laraf123 said...

Oh, party time is the busiest time! I hope she picks Kai-Lan 'cause I'd love to see photos of that theme.

Yes, people say it goes quick. You look at them with a colicky baby in your arms, no sleep for days and no shower for a week and say to yourself, "gee I hope so". And then it does. They grow, change and thrive. Now I look at my children and say, "stop!" Stop growing so fast--I can't get photos of this stage before you move on. Stop changing until I can get a handle on who you are today. But they continue to thrive and we want no less for them. They grow up and away so fast--sadly, it's something each mom learns for herself.

Mama Melissa said...

So true!! :) We couldn't find Kai Lan last night... she said she wants princesses... I was hoping we could, too. I might try again tonight or this weekend.

It's already gone so fast... I've hoped time could just stand still for a moment... but it doesn't! LOL And, of course, I want her to grow, but I agree with you. we all have to accept it (or they'll end up with problems).