Thursday, September 15, 2011

Manna Fanna

My very beloved cat, Manna, passed away yesterday. She was with me for 18 years, and was the very best cat, ev'a.

She walked through a huge portion of my life with me... college, guys, moves, apartments, house-buying, graduation, cats, dogs, adoption, job changes, fostering, college again... She was a GREAT companion and I will miss her greatly.

Rest In Peace Manna
7/2/1993 to 9/14/2011
May you have all the tuna you could ever want
up there in Heaven with the big Guy. :)



ellen said...

You have such a wonderful way with words. The image of her enjoying the tastiest tuna is perfect. Manna *to* heaven, after so many years of sharing your life.


I'm down to "The Cat" who is 15. Daisy died at 18, Periwinkle at 17 and Emmett at 21. At his 20th check up I asked the vet if I should be feeding him anything special. He said, "Lady, at 20 he can eat anything he wants!" I have a mental image of the three of them greeting Manna at the pearly gates. Daisy would be informing Manna that she was the alpha cat, Periwinkle would probably have a tray of tuna sushi and a casserole for Manna and Emmett would take her under his wing and show her around. RIP Manna. You are in good company.