Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ok, I'm not puzzled exactly... we've been doing lots of puzzles lately and so the past tense would be puzzled, right? ;-) Just trying to think of some kind of funny title this morning. Yep, I'm a goof.

So, T and G are living with us officially and have been here since Sept 17. In the past month we've celebrated T's 19th birthday and gotten all but a couple of things from the BF's house. I had to get all my paperwork, et al, completed for my annual Therapeutic FP licence. And, she applied to my Alma Mater. We got a copy of her HS diploma (yay!!) and transcripts. Praying she gets in to this school. That would be a HUGE blessing for her. One benefit for her is that she was still in foster care at 18 and, so, gets her college paid for! I keep praying she'll take full advantage of that and get her degree.

Oy, I just realized that this Saturday is our annual Foster Parent conference... that'll be all day. Ugh. I don't mind it, except it'll be a long day.

Baby G is settling in nicely, as is Torrie. She's a big help around the house. Mia likes having them around, I know. We got to have Baby B... who is no longer a baby ... this weekend. She turned 3 last week!!! So, what shall I call her now? Ok. Bri, it is. :) It was great having Bri over. I've been able to have her about once or twice a month since she left.

I received a call on Monday asking if I'd take a 10YO girl, potentially. They've put in my home study, so let's see what happens. She is the first that *might* be available for adoption at some point. I'm praying and praying over this one. Not to get her, necessarily, but that if I do that she's a good fit. I've asked if it is possible to meet her before placement (in the event I'm chosen)... but there are never any guarantees.

Torrie is funny because she acts all jealous when I tell her about possible referrals and such... and doesn't want to give up her room, of course. I think she realizes, even subconsciously, what she's got in me and Mia. I hope so, anyway. She's like... um, Melissa, you don't want her to teach Lil M bad things. LOL. She's right. I don't. And she'd say this about any potential referral, which I find kind of amusing. :)

I have about one year left for my Masters... I'm SO NOT motivated this semester. Can't seem to get in the groove at all. Oh wait. Maybe that's 'cause I've been so busy?!!


Update - I did not get the placement of the 10yo girl... just didn't want  y'all to freak if I forgot to post that part! 

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Laraf123 said...

Oh, my--you've had a full house and full life this past month! It's wonderful that you can provide a safe place for all these children. I don't mean safe as in a roof over their heads, I mean safe as in a soft place to land. A home where they can be themselves and know that they are loved no matter how the big, scary world treats them. You will never know how far your loving example reaches into the future but I imagine your example will touch many lives through these girls.