Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year

Well, hello there, 2012! 2011, just sped on by... and here we are. :)

Let's get everything updated, shall we?

Torrie and Gabe moved back/in in September. We had a great Christmas, and T has even broken up with the 'fiance'. I'm praying that stands and she doesn't go back with him. He's not a nice guy. Gabe will be ONE this month, on the 22nd. I can't believe it's already been a year since he was born. Crazy. Torrie starts school this next week (as do I) ... and I'm pretty darn excited about that! I'm hoping to help her get through her first year... or even just this first semester, so she can feel confident on completing her degree.

Mia started Kindergarten in August, 3 days before she turned 5. She has grown a ton this fall... and I need to measure/weigh her to see how much! She definitely had a grown spurt and her hair is halfway down her back, too!

She's in Piano lessons and Gymnastics. Piano started last summer and gymnastics about this time last year. She's doing well with both. Once I got her some private gymnastics lessons she seemed to really start to get it and is doing great. :) She's also learning how to read, and can sight read words like: the, an, a, like, of, and ... and can sound out many 3 letter words. Her handwriting has really gotten better this year, too, and she likes to add numbers together.

Mia has been a great 'big' sister to the younger foster kids I've had in 2011, and now. She and Bri did well together, and when Bri gets to visit, it's a lot of fun.

I had Bri last year for about 4.5 months... she's now with her grandmother, and that's going really well. Yovonne is about my age and has really stepped up to be the parent in Bri's life. She and I are friends and I'm SO VERY thankful for that relationship! It means that I get to continue to be in Bri's life and have a new friend on top of it. :) I have a feeling she'll end up with permanent custody of Bri soon. Of which, I'm glad.

In December, noted in my last post, I took in two foster kiddos. They are 3 and 4, boy/girl respectively. They are still with us; it's been 3 weeks today. No word, yet, on when they go back to their Mom. I suspect it will be by her next hearing, Jan 26, though, it could always be sooner or later depending. Yes, they were with us for Christmas. No, she hasn't had even ONE visit (her choice) with them in 3 weeks. Makes me fairly angry, actually, but what can you do.

The Dr said they are both a little delayed (nothing school won't take care of)... and that I'm right to get them into Head Start. I'm trying to do that, but haven't been able to get them on the phone yet. I've been extremely fortunate that my friend Melissa (and Torrie, when not working) is taking care of them for now. Yovonne said she'll even watch them next week for me. So blessed. I want to give them consistency and let them stay close to home until they go to school... if I have to put them in daycare (DC), I will... but for now, I'm glad they get to be at home while I'm working.

So, yes, I do work. I work full-time still. I'm also still working on my Masters. I should *hopefully* be finished Dec of this year. :) I've just got a ton on my plate right now, I do know that. But life is good and it'll settle down sooner or later!

I'm not sure how much longer I'll foster. I might continue this year, or I might stop after the littles go home. We'll see. You know many years ago I felt that God was telling me I'd have a lot of children. I didn't know how it would turn out back then, but growing my 'family' through adoption and fostering has been a blessing in my life. Back then, I didn't intend to foster. Although, soon after that, I did realize that adoption was definitely a possibility.

I've officially had 5 foster kids now. Torrie, Bri, Brit, Kayla and Chase (my only boy, not my nephew). 6 children total, with Mia, of course. I pray that God always stays right with each of them and helps them live fulfilling lives. And, if I get to be in their lives (the fosters), then that would be completely awesome, too. If not, I know that God will take care of them for me. :)

Peace and blessings for this new year.

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