Friday, June 8, 2012

Time flies

I can't believe school's out for the summer for Lil M already (as of May 30, actually)!! And that we've already made it to June! YIKES. Half a year gone!

Last month, I took a 6YO girl foster... yes, I know... I said I was maybe going to take a break. Ha. I'm out of school for the summer and when they call(ed) me with an emergency referral, I just couldn't say no. Go figure. Who knew? ;-)

She's almost a year older than Lil M and there has, of course, been some adjustment we've not experienced before... both girls are dominant and used to being the 'oldest' of the little people. But, we're making it through. Got to come up with a good nickname for her... but let's see... she is sometimes called Mar Mar, so let's do that for now.

Mar Mar just finished Kindergarten like Lil M did. She's WAY taller and bigger than Lil M. As in, a head taller, easily, and probably 25 lbs heavier. But she's a doll and a cutie! She loves sleeping to lullabies and with her princess night light. When they're not fighting for control, she and Lil M get along quite well.

Lil M is doing great... though, she's cried more in the past 3 weeks than she has in the past 6 months, probably. I work on letting her know that she will ALWAYS be with Mommy and give her the attention she needs when Mar Mar is being difficult or when she is feeling down.

My two fosters that left, Alea and 'Mora, have two brothers... they are staying with us for respite this weekend. Apparently, 'Mora has been displaced AGAIN and might get to come back to us. We shall see. I don't know. They are asking if I'd take the younger boy with 'Mora... but that'd give me 4 kids in the house and I'm not sure about that. I think having the 3 would be ok... for the summer... the kiddos in this family might get to go home at the end of July, which would be good for me and getting back to school in August.

I'm so glad for the break in school this summer!! I only have the 3 classes left, and will take 2 in the fall and 1 in the spring. I can't take the 3rd in the fall because they only offer it in the Spring! Oh well. It's for the best for my sanity anyway!! :) I desperately needed this break. Most days, it's just me Lil M and Mar Mar... of course, we do almost always have a lot going on though!! ;-)

Lil M is loving her gymnastics still. She was bummed last night when I told her we have to wait til next Wed for her to go back to her class. I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and get her into the 2nd weekly class. We'll see.

So... one of you wrote me this week, which was SO SWEET. I didn't even know if anyone really read my blog anymore... and I will try to write more this month. I have lots to say about the happenings of this year, so, maybe I'll try to get it all down here! :)

Peace and love.

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Laraf123 said...

I don't know how you juggle it all but you lead an inspiring life. I hope this summer is a relaxing one for you and your family.

It makes me so sad to read about the lives of foster children. I know it's reality and I know that things could be a lot worse (think 19th century) but oh, how sad not to have a forever family. Thank goodness for all the love and care you show them on their journey.