Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm struggling right now with the dating, not dating, school (masters), work, parenting and fostering.

People say I'm supposed to find a man. Why? Out of the list above, that's the hardest thing. I don't get them and they don't get me. Not in a long-term sense, anyway. And, frankly, I'm tired of trying.

The easiest is the parenting and work. Lil M is still amazing and wonderful. I have two more semesters of school left and I think I can get through that. Though, it's harder and harder... just time and effort-wise.

Fostering, that's a whole nother ballgame. My foster right now is OK and she starts school with Lil M this month. Not the same school, but both in elementary. I *might* take a teen short-term while she waits to get a dorm room at NKU... but we'll see. If she's anything like past teens, I won't do it.


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