Friday, March 29, 2013

Two in one week; Alea Award

It never ceases to amaze me the life God has given me. :) And, in particular... I often wonder why certain people come into my life and then just leave for whatever reason... the ones you *think* will stay don't...and then the ones you think were gone come back (even just to check-in)... :)

This week was one of those weeks for me. Alea, one of my teen fosters last year left us because of her behavior. I had to make her leave, actually. It wasn't a very good day, that day. :( But, amazingly, we've been able to stay connected. She called me up about a month ago and told me about an award she was going to receive and did I want to go to the ceremony!!! WOW. I was shocked. But the life happened, and it didn't seem like I'd get to go (didn't hear from her, i got busy, ya know...) ....

Well, the day before yesterday, I texted her and told her about my own graduation and asked if she wanted to come. She said yes. And then I asked about her award... she said she was afraid I couldn't go because she only had 2 spots (instead of the 4 she thought she had) because her Principal and another Teacher had to use the other 2. I understood and told her that I'd think of her and she'd do well.

Then yesterday morning she called me and said her Dad couldn't go, did I want to go after all??? SO, I got go to see her get this award. It was a first-ever award for a youth who's gone through tough times and is still going strong. I was very proud.

I don't think I really did anything to get to go to this with her. But her Mom said that I'm the only Foster Mom she talks about still... and I think she realizes that I always did love her, regardless of what happened. I pray she is ONE that can make her future out to be great things!! :)

You just never know what'll happen.... :)


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