Friday, April 26, 2013

2 weeks and a day

I'm so excited that I'm graduating in a couple of weeks!! :) I wish I was more motivated today, but will definitely get my last paper in tonight. We have our group project to finish this week and then I have 2 final exams... done, done, done. :D

Lil M and I did a 5K with my sister, nephew and cousin last week. That was fun!! Lil M wants to do more of those, and that makes this Mama happy!! lol. She's more speedy than her Mama, that's for sure!!

We went to the Zoo yesterday for her field trip. That was also fun. We, then, went to get ice cream and to the park... then she rode her bike while I ran and then ran with me for a bit. It's so great to be able to do all the fun things we do at her age now!! 

Lots going on this spring...

I have a feeling I'll be taking more pics this weekend, lol. :) My friend, Ellen, and I are taking them to see a musical tomorrow night. Lil M wants to go back to the Zoo... but I'm thinking we might find something else to do... like another 5K?? hmmmm. lol. We'll go to the park, for sure...


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ellen said...

Very cute pics! I hadnt checked your blog for a couple of weeks, but thought about it this morning. I smiled at your comment about all the fun things we do at her age. Auntie E totally agrees. When Mia's a teenager, We can take her sky diving! Lol, well zip lining for sure. i have no desire to jump out of a plane.