Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving forward

I've mentioned many a time to friends, family and my fellow bloggers that I have a heart for adoption. (or perhaps that's just really obvious anyway!!) A couple of months ago I started the process to get certified as a foster/adoptive parent with my state. I've gone through all the classes (except CPR and one make-up class), and am ready to start my homestudy. But here's the thing, as I've been going through the process I've been praying about what is best for Lil M and me together. And right now, I'm hesitant to bring a child into the house that is older than Lil M. I'm not 100% sure that being a therapeutic home would be the best thing for us right now, because it will take a lot more energy, resources and time. And, I'm conscious of my own daughter and her needs. She's not super-needy, by any means, but I want to make sure I give her what she needs, too. And she's not even 3 years old, yet. So, I'm re-considering another international adoption (of another infant).

That leads me to Kazakhstan. The biggest reason, so far, to go with Kaz is because they allow adoptions of infants. They also have children of Asian descent available for adoption. The biggest negative - the cost. So... again... I pray. (I've also started a separate blog to write my thoughts down about this process, and it is closed right now, but if you want to be able to read it, send me a request and I'll add you.)

God has put me in a place in life where I am moved by adoption. Whatever got me here, I'm happy with my decisions and I am open to the future and what it holds for me and for us as a family. The other nice thing is that Scott and I talked about all this and he is in agreement of me looking into Kaz. So, even though the plan is for me to do this as a single again, he's on board with the decision. That's good. :)

Of course, if I can't afford it, nothing will happen. So... pray, pray, pray!!!



Beautiful Mess said...

I'll be sending you lots of prayers, hon.

Brent said...

Its a big commitment financially, but don't forget that the state and federal tax credits will return a lot of the costs to you over the years following the adoption! Lots of employers offer assistance too.