Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We went to T's choral concert last weekend. There, I met a family who had clearly adopted from China. 4 children, and one on the way from the Ukraine. What was interesting was that the Mom looked at me and said "is she adopted", referring, obviously, to Lil M. well... yes, she was adopted (as an adoptive parent herself, I was surprised she said it that way, but whatever).

She said... Where's she from? Guatemala??

Uh. No. She's Chinese. (me thinking... duh, can't you tell?! lol)

Really?? She doesn't look Chinese!

Well... she is. To which I decided to tell her about where Lil M was from... and could see the woman zone out. If I had 4 kids sitting with me, I'd probably zone out, too.

You see, Lil M doesn't have the traditional Han features. Which is totally ok, 'cause she's beautiful just the way she is. The thing I wonder, though, where do people really think she's from? Most people don't come right out and ask.

Then the dad came to sit down, and he must have told me and Lil M how beautiful she was about 15 times. It was all very interesting...


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Tom in Vegas said...

Melissa- if that is your real name - we've talk about previous experiences that were similar to this one (strangers asking you about Mia's background). This one, however, does seem to encompass a rather unorthodox line of questioning. Anyhoo, you seem to have held up like a champ and not lost your temper. Just be aware that some people out there, who have absolutely NO social skills, may go as far as to ask you who Mia's "real" parents are. I know that one sets you off pretty quickly and I can understand why.

On a lighter note, since this week was your birthday, you've probably heard the ever changing idioms of our vocabulary. Back in the 1950's when you were my age, people spoke and said hello to each other in many different ways. Here are a few greetings that I think characterize the passing decades. Sorry. No hieroglyphics.

1950's Tom says: Golly, Malissa, you sure sound mighty upset to me. Is this a wrong time for a fella to drop by your blog and say hi? Mr. Pewter told me not to come here. He said you're a meanie.

1960's Tom says: Hey, Malissa, are you for real? I think you cArrrAzY! You know what I mean, man? This stuff just ain't groovy, so don't be such a spaz. Can you dig it??? Flower power!!!

1970's Tom says: Dy-no-mite!

1980's Tom says: Domo arigato, Mr.Roboto, domo(domo)...domo(domo)

Anyway, these greetings are not about the subject matter of this post as they are about how old we are (well, you mostly).

What else did I want to say....let me think.....oh, now I remember! In response to the email you sent me: No, deleting characters while writing your posts on blogger is NOT considered a waste of ink since it's all happening in a virtual world, and not a physical one. And in response to your second question: No, Mt. Rushmore is NOT a natural rock formation.

Good questions!