Friday, June 4, 2010

first trip

I leave for my first business trip away from home this weekend, since being home with Lil M 3 years ago. Tonight is my last night with her for a few days. This is killing me. Wow. :( Now, she will be in the next best hands... my Sis. I have absolutely no worries there. I'm sure they'll have fun. But, I don't like being away from her. Let's see how this goes.

On the other hand... it'll be good to get away from the other stressors ... too many to name.

I'm mostly packed, and will double-check everything in the morning. T is going to respite care and so Sis won't have to worry about her for a few days. Though, she might get her early next week, we'll see. Personally, I think it would be best if only Lil M stays with Sis this time around...

T has said more than once lately she's leaving when she's 18. Right this moment, feeling as stressed as I am... I feel like that might just work out ok (for me, selfishly)... but I have no idea how she'll make it through everything if she does. So, feel free to send up prayers for my sanity, clear judgment, and T and her decisions.

Mostly... I need some prayers for this week and for Lil M and I. I love that girl with all my heart, and can't stand to be away. I hope she has fun, but misses me, too.



Tom in Vegas said...

Enjoy your trip to Arumba. While you're there, please tell his Majesty, King Tom, of my unswerving admiration for him, will ya? Inform him that I've read his evaluations and predictions for the current geopolitical policies, and that while the likelihood of nuclear war between the United States and Russia is remote, that I remain optimistic.

When you arrive at Arumba, you will report immediately to Larry Miller, who is the grand vizier of Bambourooquie, and who reports to me directly. Bambourooquie is part of the Arumbian commonwealth, but a municipality of lesser glamor and prestige compared to other Arumbian cities. There thou will taketh courses on how to properly respect His Majesty, and on how conduct thyself in ways that edify thy king, Tom. Does thou understandeth? If thou showeth ANY signs of dissent or disinterest in this last-ditch attempt to cultivate thy manners, His Majesty Tom will have thee thrown in a dungeon with Chef Bart, who has an uncontrollable mucus problem, and with Jardy, THE most UNFUNNY court jester in the history of this kingdom.

Also, Phil from payroll needs you to bring him a few items from Arumba. I told him I would pass his list on to you, and that I would order thee to bring these items back: One 16 ounce tub of Crisco lard (circa 1984); 1 genetically modified rooster; 3 used ban-aids; 1 prostate removal kit; and 1 sailor's mustache.

Finally, do you still have that little pig you once wrote about in one of your posts? His Majesty, Tom, recommends that the best way to take care of a little pig is with lots and lots of TLC, 2 Tbsp. of oil; 1 chopped onion; 3/4 cup of orange marmalade, cover & simmer gently.

Carry on, I say, carry on. When thou returneth, I MIGHT give thee permission to so something fun. It all depends in the mood I'm in.

Have a safe trip, and thou will notify me IMMEDIATELY upon thy arrival to thy domicile for further instructions.


Billy said...

Hope being away from LilM won't be too bad!
And prayeers for you and T.

Tom in Vegas said...

Shoot. I forgot to mention (on a serious note) that I hope all goes well between you and T. If T has her way, she will undoubtedly lose the guidance you can give her during this time of her life.