Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, T has read the first full Twilight book and is working on her 2nd this week. She even asked me to buy her the 3rd and 4th so she could read them all. Ah, progress. :)

I haven't written, 'cause there hasn't been much to write about, I guess.

We've been watching Criminal Minds (TV on DVD)...and have gotten through season 2. Also, went out a lot this week. My friend's daughter MK2's birthday was Thursday and we celebrated with them some this week. That was fun. Can't believe she's 4!

Oh, getting a new boss on Monday or Tuesday. Wonder how that's going to go. Hope it goes alright.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This week

Everything is going alright around here this week. Although, it is only Tuesday and feels like it's dragging on and on.

Lil M actually took a nap today. :) Not sure if I like her new daycare teacher yet. That's kind of aggravating me, but same ol' same ol'. Personally, I'm not a fan of all the changes the daycare goes through, and it gets tiring. I am, however, starting to like the next teacher up a little more (maggie). Either she's gotten a snad nicer, or I've just warmed up to her. Let's see if that continues.

Tonight is the 2nd night when T came home with Alg II homework. And, I got to help her with it. Thank goodness I remember what she's learning! LOL. Then we sat there and had a good laugh over just all kinds of stuff for a solid half hour. We came up with the "relationship" rules list. She did, mainly. Great rules that kid has in her head. I hope she follows them herself. I'll try to get them written up here, but I can tell you that number 7 was "must have teeth, and good hygiene". ;-) and number 10 was "never, ever cheat".


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I went ahead and signed the papers tonight to take placement of T for the next few months.

Well, that's today's news. :) Other than that, we talked about her grades and the ACT and school and such.

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow and I'm wondering just how much we might get. They've already put a 2 hour delay for her school...

So, yeah... it's just that anti-climactic today! LOL But overall, a good day. Let's see how it all goes.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Constantly Learning

One of my overriding philosophies in life is to have a constantly learning mind... be open to learning. Well, apparently, T, doesn't have that same philosophy. She came home with a list of "big words" tonight... and said she just had to write them out... when I looked at them, they are words I use.

Her answer was... she doesn't need to remember them because she will never use them. Well. I guess that's true if you don't want to learn something to learn something. Her only goal is to do what she is told. No more.

I can see this is going to be an uphill battle. Or, one I'll just have to let go. Oh well. Let's see how tomorrow goes... sort of disappointing...however, not surprising.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sewing vs Fabric

...and Fabric wins. T said today that I clearly didn't have a sewing addiction... I'm addicted to fabric. :) LOL. Smart girl. I've got WAY TOO MUCH... and will have a hard time parting with it... I'd like to get a new sewing spot set up, and maybe get some of that fabric put to use. Because I do like to quilt. I don't "sew" per se. I've just not taken the time, since Lil M's been home, to get back to quilting regularly... maybe I will now. :)

Lil M is helping T and I get things organized tonight... T's first day back to school is tomorrow and she's got to get the bus at 6:30am. Yikes.

We went today to see my brother and his new puppy. She's adorable!! Lil M was happy to see Uncle Joe, the puppy and Grandpa.


Saturday, January 2, 2010


Seven of Swords
Time to consult with others. You are a truthful person, but others do not always want to hear the truth. Honor and willingness to stay and face the music. You will not run from a situation just because it is uncomfortable. Someone needs to know that you are there for them. Someone has the wrong idea about you. You need to set things right.

... so, my thoughts on this is - "you will not run from a situation just because it is uncomfortable". that is generally very true about me. i haven't thought of any show-stopper reasons to not give T a chance...

I know I'm not as ready for this as I hoped I would feel...or I would be. But, now I feel like I would be doing her a disservice by not giving her a chance. Let's see how I feel tomorrow and Monday. That's when I need to decide.

Sitting here watching the marathon of NCIS tonight... got a lot of laundry done. Tomorrow looks like much of the same. Glad to have some down time.