Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is Good

Life sure has its share of ups and downs, doesn't it? It's been much more quiet since the B's left... we've gotten to have Baby B over a few times, and that's been great. Lil M and I are having fun, and are getting to hang out with other people, like T and the MK's.

It's been nice having a break from school, too.

Lil M starts her school next month, and I start back. I am hoping we can do some fun stuff between now and then. :)

Work is ramping up and getting busier. I expect the next few weeks to be a challenge only in that we have a release that is supposed to go out and not enough resources to handle it! I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of hand-holding and encouraging... perhaps, even testing.

Looks like we'll do Lil M's bday party next month at our house. Last year we did Chuck E Chees3 ... which was fine, but I think it'll be more fun for her to do it at our house. She says right now she wants Kai Lan, but I imagine she'll want the princesses closer to the party. We got an almost 3ft deep pool and I'm thinking that'll be fun for the kiddos... and perhaps get a blow up castle play-thing so the kids can jump around in it, too. She is lucky she has a summer birthday, though, I'm sure it'll be HOT out. Mommy'll just sit in the shade! ;-)

I don't have a foster right now, but did take a respite teen last weekend. It was fine. No drama. Sweet.

Happy Friday...


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Laraf123 said...

Yes, Lil M is lucky to have a summer birthday--so many more options! (My boys are both February--I don't think a jumpy house in the snowy backyard would be quite as much fun!)

Enjoy the rest of your summer--hope it's relaxing and fun!