Tuesday, December 2, 2008

day in the life...

So, this week seems to be getting off to a busy start. We got home Sunday from Sis' house. I did dishes and laundry and put presents up. Yesterday, I did more dishes, laundry, garbage night, dinner, mia bath, mama-mia time (she was particularly tired last night 'cause she didn't have a nap)... then got to get online for a bit. Tonight we have to take Manna, my 14.5 year old cat, to the Vet. :(

Tomorrow is family dinner up in Tri-county.
Thurs is play date with MK and MK2.
Meet with a consultant firm after work and then company Christmas party.

Looks like the next time I will sit down and relax is Saturday!! This all on top of normal daily stuff, like mentioned above. Seems like when it rains it pours... I'm not really complaining, just feels like a lot this week is all.


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