Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday planning

Divorce sucks. Oh, you probably already know that, and I've never had to go through it myself but it does. My nephew didn't get to be with us on Thanksgiving and the same will be true for Christmas this year. :( So, our normal traditions get bagged, and we have to do something a little different. We're trying to keep things as much the same as possible, but there will be some differences. Like, my dad, Grandpa won't be able to come over Christmas Eve morning to do our normal Christmas morning stuff because he is working. Oh well. One step at a time...

I got my Christmas tree up last night. It wasn't too hard. Lil M watched me from her high chair. She did help me "fluff" the tree a little, and she loves the lights. I think this Christmas is going to be fun for her! Well, and for me, since I'll get to watch her react to all the new stuff. She was here last year, but she is much more interested this time.

We're thinking of going to see some lights at the Zoo or Clifton Mill, but we've got to figure out when a) it isn't too cold, b) when my nephew will be with us, c) my dad isn't working, d) when it isn't too late during the week because Mia goes to bed by 8pm. Let's see if we can get it organized!! lol

Even still, things are great here... just wish it wasn't always quite so complicated!


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