Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I did just think of something I could share today. I decided to make some black beans in the crock pot for dinner tonight. So, last night I pulled out the dried beans, (rinsed, cleaned) and soaked them over night. I cut up some onion and put some spices together in the pot this morning. Oh, and I added a little leftover turkey breast cutlet that I had.

Tonight, we will have beans. Not sure how yet... I have 3 meals planned for the beans.
1. beans and rice
2. stuffed green peppers (with rice and tomato sauce added)
3. bean burritos (with onions, rice and maybe some ground turkey or chicken)

If I get lazy, we'll just have it as soup! lol But right now, I think we're going to at least have beans and rice tonight for dinner. Yum.

I like to cook this way, because it makes it easier overall for me. I know we're eating well, but I don't have to cook *big* meals every day.

What about you? Is there anyone out there who wants to share how they handle daily/weekly meal planning? I'd love to hear from you!!


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