Tuesday, August 4, 2009

basketball camp

So, I got Lil M into a 3 day (1 hour long) basketball camp for little kiddos (3/4/5 YO). She's actually still 2 years old, but will be 3 at the end of this month. She's done pretty well, so far. Day 1, she played a lot, and really looked like she was enjoying herself. They were all on the big basketball court.

Day 2, she played some, but not as much. They moved the smaller kids to the small basketball court that has walls about as high as the kiddos and made it much more loud. About halfway through, she decided she would rather be with me than to play with a basketball. So, all in all a good day, but after the halfway point it was harder to get her to play.

The interesting thing is, I was OK with it either way. As you should be, you say? Well, of course. But when you're in the middle of it, you don't always know how you will react. Or how she/they will react. The very cool thing was that she didn't just sit in the middle of the floor and have a meltdown (not that she ever does that, but i could almost see it coming)... and instead she came to me and only wanted Mommy.

When thinking about attachment and whether or not our adopted kiddos really feel safe and loved, it is a great feeling whenever she wants me and me alone. It is definitely what I think is 'supposed' to happen, and when it does, it's a great feeling. The other great feeling is to know what her limits are. I felt like I could push a little more at one minute and then a few minutes later I knew she was done. There seems to be a balancing act with that, though, and I could see how she could get overwhelmed quickly. That's all about being a toddler.

I wonder what the Three's have in store for me/us. lol.

Day 3 of her camp is tomorrow. I also wonder how she'll do then! I think this makes me even more determined to get her into a dance/tumbling class, so she has different experiences in the next few months! :)


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Beautiful Mess said...

If she doesn't want to go tomorrow, I'll go for her ;o) It sounds like fun!

It's a balance act, knowing their limitations, no matter the situation. In my opinion, at least.

Glad you both are having fun. I bet the threes will be JUST as much fun, if not FUNNER!