Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WFMW - Toddler Chores

Cleaning the house as a single Mama can sometimes be a little tricky. ... with a 3 year old (tomorrow) in the house!! So, sometimes I try to pick times of the day that Lil M is asleep or eating or watching her show to get chores done.

Other times, I let her help. Things she can help Mommy with (which, of course, is all relative)!!

1. sweeping the kitchen floor with a broom,
2. putting folded clothes in her own room, or on mommy's bed, or in the kitchen for me,
3. putting her toys in her toy box (nightly),
4. putting her dish(es) in the sink when she is done eating. she can't quite open the refrigerator herself, yet, so she puts her leftover drink on the counter, too,
5. picks up the weekly newspaper from outside and puts it in the recycle bin,
6. helps mommy get the mail and brings it in,
7. helps mommy unload the dishwasher, by taking things (not knives) out of the dishwasher and hanging them to me to put away
8. helps mommy unload the groceries. she can carry up a light bag from downstairs to the kitchen, and then she takes the items out of the bags for me, and i put them away.

What a great little helper I have. :) This works for me!! Go check out other WFMW ideas!



The Activity Mom said...

We do those chores too! I think it teaches so many things. Great post!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Love it! I have two year old twins and they help a little bit but it is always nice to get more ideas of what they may be capable of! I am always keeping in mind that they may be husbands someday and I want to raise men who help their wives and if they don't marry I don't want them calling mom over to do laundry ;) Thanks for the ideas!

Billy said...

Happy Birthday, big little helper Lil M!