Friday, August 28, 2009

Not the flu

Lil M was sick yesterday and the night before last. She had a bit of a fever (100.5) and threw up at daycare two different times. So, I brought her home and then took her to the Dr. yesterday afternoon. He said she probably had a little stomach virus, but not the flu. The flu test confirmed she didn't at least have that. Thank goodness.

So, we're staying home this morning for a little bit, maybe all day depending on how she feels. But so far, she seems to be feeling a little better. She didn't eat much of her banana this morning, so we'll see.

I was pretty cranky yesterday, just felt bad for her because she was sick on her birthday. Yep, she turned 3 yesterday. :) Here's crossing fingers that we're both OK for tomorrow's birthday party!


Oh, besides all that, she was 27 lbs and 35.5" tall, which still puts her in the 40th percentile, like she's been the whole time. Nice to be consistent.


PS. now my stomach isn't feeling so good. :( Potty issues, and not throwing up... but that's not good either. i hope it passes as quick as hers seemed to!

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Beautiful Mess said...

Glad it isn't the flu. Hope you both are feeling better and are able to enjoy her party today.