Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall birthdays, farms

We had a nice weekend. We got some shopping done for T's birthday... gotta still find her something fun that she doesn't know about, but not sure what to get yet. Also, need to get the dinner planned. Would like to have some family there to celebrate.

Yesterday, we attempted to go to the Autumn Moon Festival at a local farm. We missed the Chinese festival part, but still got to hang out at the farm and play a bit. Lil M roasted a hot dog for T, and she got to swing on the big, long swing, castle, with the sand box, and the water crank thing that did duckie races. T and her BF liked the pig race. I had fun, too, just being with all of them.

Today, we were supposed to go to another farm, to see Alpacas, but I accidentally fell asleep...and then we had T's nephew's birthday party to attend (which I didn't know about until today... actually, I don't think she did either, or she would have mentioned it last night when I told her about the alpacas.) I wonder why her sis didn't mention it before... oh well. We went to that this afternoon. It was pretty good. T's sister and her kiddos seem to like Lil M and me... there were other people there who didn't know us, and that was a little awkward for me, but I got over it. I was glad T could be there with her family for a bit.

We got Baby Shower invitations today... gotta get those out this week. October looks to be somewhat busy for us! Gotta find Halloween costumes for the kids, too.

It's time to get some rest before another week starts... liking how September is turning out, even though it was stressful at the beginning. Praying the good stays for awhile.

Lil M is doing well. She's really liking the dress-up play this year... today, we got her a little summer dress on sale and she wore it to bed. She also had me tie a cape around her... usually, she wears these things with her crown and princess shoes, too. I'm glad she likes that type of play... helps with imagination.

T is doing well... she needs to bring two grades up, but otherwise, she's moving forward with her senior year. She is going to start studying for the ACT again really soon (hopefully, this week), and we've been talking about college again. :)

As for me... well, praying for peace, as usual. :)




Tom in Vegas said...

The duckie races. I got injured in one of those. VERY bad memories. But I do LOVE the pig races (or as we call them, Last Piggy to Cross the Finish Line Barbecue) :0) Anyhoo, what's up? How you doing? Long time no talk or write.

So T's having a birthday party? How stupendous! That should be really nice. I think she's going to get plenty of baby stuff for the little one, or will that be left for the baby shower? Regardless, I think T is in for a real treat! But, Malissa, let me give you some helpful advice that will save you a HUGE headache when the b-day party comes around. Bake or buy a separate cake for the letter "T." This is a minority letter in your household and it may feel a little left out with so many bewildering "M's" walking around. If you don't do this, T's "T" is liable to get up and walk right out of her name. It's a very scary scenario when you think about it. How would you like to wake up one day and notice a letter missing from your name? I honor my "T" everyday with thank-you cards, roses, pay raises, and a scratch behind the ear. I can't afford to tick-off my "T." It has been through so much with me and I still depend on it to spell out my name. After all, it's not like my name is Melissa or Mindy or Sapphire or something like that.

BTW, did you mean Alopecia farm? I'm not sure how you farm alopecia, but more importantly, who or what is buying it, and for what??? Most people want a cure for hairloss not something that causes it. That's a mystery better left unsolved. It's funny though how we in Nevada go clubbing and you in them there neck of the woods go farmin' :0)

My Halloween costume- though I can't say what it is- is slowly coming together. I already have REAL fairy dust and my pink tiara arrived yesterday. Thweet:0)

You know Little M is going to look cute regardless of what she wears anytime of the year:0)

Mama Melissa said...

the birthday party will just be for her birthday. we'll have the shower later in october. gotta firm up plans this week. figure it out i guess!!!

real fairy dust, eh? sweet!!


Beautiful Mess said...

So glad things are going well for you. I'll pray that the good stays around for a LONG while!

Sounds like T is doing really well. You must be very proud.

Keep up the good work!