Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long weekend

I'm so thankful for long weekends. I would have to say I might even like them more than several days off at a time... ok, maybe it's tied. :) Time off is time off.

This weekend it is gorgeous out. My allergies have been rough, but the weather makes up for that. It's so cool out right now that I can justify making some chocolate hazelnut (decaf) coffee tonight... yum.

Lil M seems to like her new soccer program. I think it's a little intimidating for the littler kiddos, but she is doing well. I think she will like it more and more as this season goes along. I wonder what she'll like more in the long run, dancing or soccer. She likes the basketball camp 'cause Chase has done it two years now. This'll be her second year to do the toddler one, as well.

She moved up to the Explorer room at her daycare center. She seems to like it. It's her last room before going to kindergarten next year.

T is doing alright, too. She is 5 months pregnant and showing now. Her BF proposed to her last night, OMG. But she seems to be happy about it, of course. Who knows what will happen... I just hope she will stay here until she graduates.

I took my favorite ring to be checked today and found out that a diamond is loose. It is my absolute favorite piece and so I can't wait to have it fixed.

Lil M had a fabulous birthday weekend last weekend. She has so many friends and our family came out to celebrate with us. I can't believe she is FOUR years old now!!! Very blessed.

Happy Labor Day weekend, all.


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Beautiful Mess said...

WOW, a proposal? Goodness!

You are going to take pictures of Lil M playing soccer, RIGHT?! Love those pictures!