Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm watching Fringe tonight. It's an odd but good show. :)

Let's see... started new work this month. Praying it goes well. I like it, so far. It's going to be a big project and I'm excited about that. A bit scared, 'cause they have some lofty goals, but I hope I can help temper those a little and get them where they need to be.

Lil M is enjoying playing dress up a lot recently. She even wore a dress to bed tonight, just because she could. T is 22 weeks pregnant and still only gaining in her belly. They are both doing well.

I started back to school this semester. It's a systems analysis class and it's OK, so far. I've got a pretty good grip on it, but need to do a bit of reading before Saturday's class. I'm kind of glad to get my Master's actually. I know I don't need it, but I think it's good.

Oh, and JA and PNJ are still stalking our online activities. God they are sad and pathetic. She had the audacity to say something about how Sis looks, when she looks rode hard and put away wet as they say. And he's an alcoholic. I guess they are jealous of us, and that's why they keep stalking us. Pathetic. Really.

On the positive, I'm so thankful to God that we've made it this far. I pray for healing and continued growth.



Tom in Vegas said...

Those two must really be losers if they're going to set out to entertain themselves by harassing others. Forgive me for saying this about C's father, but a real man and a real father would put the "family peace" ahead of any differences he has with your sis. But what troubles me more than their imbecilic on-line shenanigans is the fact that they have access to C. I wish- as must your sis -that there was a legal way to keep C away from those degenerates.

On a lighter note...

I tore my ACL again (cycling injury) and I haven't been back to class for a while. I may have to retake these courses again in the springtime. However, I'm glad you're going for your masters! Very few people in the U.S. have advanced degrees in Hazardous Pudding Disposal. What's that like, anyway? I've seen your team wearing Tactical Body Armor and helmet when approaching the pudding cup, but I've never read any literature about the experiences;0)

Little M and I BOTH love to play dress up! Why, Stephanie and I had a slumber party last week and we like did our hair and stuff. Then we tried out the dresses we're going to wear when that special guy walks us down the aisle and practiced saying "I do" for at least three hours. We had such a fun time!

Oh Steph, if you read this, I'm still the bigger tramp.

Anyway, Malissa, you take care, m'kay?

"Let fashion dreams and lipstick rainbows decorate your life." ~ Marissa

Tom in Vegas said...

Hello, M. My name is Antwon Higginbottom, and you may remember me from such movies as The Origins of Bartholomew, Erotic Paleontology, and Zimpy the Supersonic Eyelash. I left show business at the height of my popularity to promote a product that I invented in the comfort of my own basement a mere 2 years ago. Since it's release, this product has been used by millions of people all over the country every day, and today you may become one of those daily users. What is this product that I speak of? Well I will tell you. It's called Higgin's Contortion Capsules, and they give your body the flexibility that mother nature reclaims over the course of time. Higgin's Contortion Capsules are made from the finest flower extracts and irradiated animal vaccines available in all of poultry pharmacology. They are available in capsules, tablets, patches, powder form (mirror and straw equipped), and tablets. And we have had tremendous success with our suppository trials in both Texas and Tennessee.

Higgin's Contortion Capsules give your body the docility to move unrestricted and with the springiness of a gymnast, thereby preventing injuries that would easily be incurred by someone of a more rigid stature. But the number one reason people use Higgin's Contortion Capsules is because it allows you the spinal flexibility to bend over and clip your toenails with your bare teeth. Isn't that awesome! "Reach for your toes and go nuts!" is our corporate slogan, and many people across the country are doing just that even as you read this.

Higgin's Contortion Capsules. One good turn deserves a Higgins.

I leave you this message using Tom's blog which I have easily hacked into. I hope he doesn't mind.

Mama Melissa said...

yes they are losers, for sure.

sorry to hear about your ACL. i hope for quick healing!!!

funny stuff as usual. :)

Tom in Vegas said...


So sorry about the above comments. I don't know who this Huggingbottom guy is nor do I appreciate him hacking into my account to peddle some weird product. Please IGNORE him.

Also, I'm going to start making Smurf references when I write my comments in honor of the late Papa Smurf, who passed away on Friday after an explosion inside his mushroom cottage. Say a prayer for him, will ya? He was the Smufiest little guy in all of Saturday morning cartoons. He's tiny void will be never be filled except by a plush of roughly the same size.

Good bye, Papa. I'll be good to Smurfette.

Tom in Vegas said...

Let me rephrase things a bit.

When I write my comments on your blog, I'm going to start making Smurf references to honor the late-great Papa Smurf.

I'm still not sure what happened, but CNN and various news outlets report that he was smurfing something in his basement, and that something ignited and turned his mushroom cottage into a mushroom cloud.

Poor little guy. Of all the Smurfs in the village, he was unquestionably the smurfiest.

It's a blue day for me. But I'll be ok.