Thursday, December 9, 2010

Counting down

Well, it's about 5.5 weeks, actually, until T delivers. She is excited... I'm nervous. I'm wrapping up this semester at school and T will be out of school for Christmas here soon. She will get to do school from home during her maternity leave. I'm praying and hoping she can keep up with her work so she can graduate and keep her grades up.

Lil M and I had fun dancing last night, reading a book and me braiding her hair. I got her some stuff to start her big girl room... but am thinking I'd like to get her a new bed. So, I've got to make a decision about that... and the timing. She wants a guitar for Christmas, and I might go back to see if they still have any.

I think I need to either start quilting again, or pair down my fabric stash. The reason it comes to mind right now is because I'd like to have the living room a bit more nicely set up for Christmas, and it'd be kind of nice to get that moved out for now. At the same time, I'd like to make Mia another blanket and one for the baby, too. Of course, now I'm involved in school again...

I've been reading Lil M the story of Jesus' birth. She likes the fact that Mary had a baby in her belly... read me the story of Mary with the baby in her belly, Mommy... quite cute. :) Trying to help her learn why Christmas is so important to me vs. the whole Santa hype.


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