Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey day weekend

Sis made a great Thanksgiving spread this year, as always... and I didn't have to do anything but eat! :) We got to do a little shopping before dinner was done, and then I went out by myself for a little bit. We went through all the ads, which is our tradition, except she got the newspapers for us this year!

I got to take about an hour nap before we braved the crowds. Sis and I got out about 3am and shopped until about noon. We did well, and had fun. :)

T and Lil M made gingerbread cookies on Saturday. And then cupcakes on Sunday. We got the Christmas tree put up (but not decorated yet). We went through Lil M's toys and pulled out some to give away. She even helped. :) I was very proud.


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Laraf123 said...

Shopping from 3 am until Noon? You are champs! Hope you got lots of bargains!