Sunday, September 26, 2010

fall birthdays, farms

We had a nice weekend. We got some shopping done for T's birthday... gotta still find her something fun that she doesn't know about, but not sure what to get yet. Also, need to get the dinner planned. Would like to have some family there to celebrate.

Yesterday, we attempted to go to the Autumn Moon Festival at a local farm. We missed the Chinese festival part, but still got to hang out at the farm and play a bit. Lil M roasted a hot dog for T, and she got to swing on the big, long swing, castle, with the sand box, and the water crank thing that did duckie races. T and her BF liked the pig race. I had fun, too, just being with all of them.

Today, we were supposed to go to another farm, to see Alpacas, but I accidentally fell asleep...and then we had T's nephew's birthday party to attend (which I didn't know about until today... actually, I don't think she did either, or she would have mentioned it last night when I told her about the alpacas.) I wonder why her sis didn't mention it before... oh well. We went to that this afternoon. It was pretty good. T's sister and her kiddos seem to like Lil M and me... there were other people there who didn't know us, and that was a little awkward for me, but I got over it. I was glad T could be there with her family for a bit.

We got Baby Shower invitations today... gotta get those out this week. October looks to be somewhat busy for us! Gotta find Halloween costumes for the kids, too.

It's time to get some rest before another week starts... liking how September is turning out, even though it was stressful at the beginning. Praying the good stays for awhile.

Lil M is doing well. She's really liking the dress-up play this year... today, we got her a little summer dress on sale and she wore it to bed. She also had me tie a cape around her... usually, she wears these things with her crown and princess shoes, too. I'm glad she likes that type of play... helps with imagination.

T is doing well... she needs to bring two grades up, but otherwise, she's moving forward with her senior year. She is going to start studying for the ACT again really soon (hopefully, this week), and we've been talking about college again. :)

As for me... well, praying for peace, as usual. :)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All things new

Sitting here eating lunch and thinking about recent changes... I started back to school for my master's degree, which I think I've mentioned... but I'm enjoying it so far. Actually, the odd thing is that they are sort of behind the times in this one class, and so it'll be interesting to follow their guidlines for the homework. I've already talked to the Prof about that.

Working at a new place as of last week, which was my choice. I was at the last place for 2 years and it was great until we got new management. I tried to wait it out, but just couldn't. So far, I think I've made the right decision and am much happier already. :D It does mean a little more of a commute and away time from Lil M, but I'm happier... so that is good. Lil M is fine, so far. T is with BF a lot... so, she hardly notices. LOL. Actually, I get home at the same time, just leave earlier in the AM.

I'll try to get pics posted of Lil M at basketball camp and her soccer soon. She seemed to enjoy the bball camp. :)

That's all for now...


Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm watching Fringe tonight. It's an odd but good show. :)

Let's see... started new work this month. Praying it goes well. I like it, so far. It's going to be a big project and I'm excited about that. A bit scared, 'cause they have some lofty goals, but I hope I can help temper those a little and get them where they need to be.

Lil M is enjoying playing dress up a lot recently. She even wore a dress to bed tonight, just because she could. T is 22 weeks pregnant and still only gaining in her belly. They are both doing well.

I started back to school this semester. It's a systems analysis class and it's OK, so far. I've got a pretty good grip on it, but need to do a bit of reading before Saturday's class. I'm kind of glad to get my Master's actually. I know I don't need it, but I think it's good.

Oh, and JA and PNJ are still stalking our online activities. God they are sad and pathetic. She had the audacity to say something about how Sis looks, when she looks rode hard and put away wet as they say. And he's an alcoholic. I guess they are jealous of us, and that's why they keep stalking us. Pathetic. Really.

On the positive, I'm so thankful to God that we've made it this far. I pray for healing and continued growth.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long weekend

I'm so thankful for long weekends. I would have to say I might even like them more than several days off at a time... ok, maybe it's tied. :) Time off is time off.

This weekend it is gorgeous out. My allergies have been rough, but the weather makes up for that. It's so cool out right now that I can justify making some chocolate hazelnut (decaf) coffee tonight... yum.

Lil M seems to like her new soccer program. I think it's a little intimidating for the littler kiddos, but she is doing well. I think she will like it more and more as this season goes along. I wonder what she'll like more in the long run, dancing or soccer. She likes the basketball camp 'cause Chase has done it two years now. This'll be her second year to do the toddler one, as well.

She moved up to the Explorer room at her daycare center. She seems to like it. It's her last room before going to kindergarten next year.

T is doing alright, too. She is 5 months pregnant and showing now. Her BF proposed to her last night, OMG. But she seems to be happy about it, of course. Who knows what will happen... I just hope she will stay here until she graduates.

I took my favorite ring to be checked today and found out that a diamond is loose. It is my absolute favorite piece and so I can't wait to have it fixed.

Lil M had a fabulous birthday weekend last weekend. She has so many friends and our family came out to celebrate with us. I can't believe she is FOUR years old now!!! Very blessed.

Happy Labor Day weekend, all.