Friday, April 1, 2011

new digs

I started a new job this week, that is perm rather than consulting. It's been a nice transition and I'm excited about the opportunity. I have my own office now and a nice looking team. This was a promotion for me, and it does feel like it. :) I've still been just a bit stunned all week that I got the job and am really hope to do it justice. I have a staff of 6 onsite, 3 offshore and one Manager and her reports in another state. I will need to travel 2 or 3 times this year, but am hoping I can take Lil M with me. Perhaps, Sis. :) (though, she doesn't know that yet, lol... and totally depends on her job situation, too)

Baby B's gma heard today that the state will let her know today (supposedly) if she is approved. Then she has to have her son's lawyer sign some paperwork to get it approved, too. Then Baby B will go live with them. Prayers around this situation would be nice.

Lil M came home the other day and told me she could spell her name backwards... and she did - both first and last name. And, she spelled Mommy backwards, too, almost perfectly... wow.

I haven't been feeling so well since Wed., but think I might be moving out of that now. There's going to be the final 4 games on this weekend and I plan to stay home and watch the basketball games. :) UK is in it this time and that's pretty cool. I'd like to see them win the whole thing. Let's see... Peace.


Laraf123 said...

Congratulations on the promotion--what a great way to start the spring!

Mama Melissa said...

Thanks, Lara!!! I KNOW!!! :D Very happy!! How are you?