Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Baby B has had a tougher time sleeping lately because of the family visits, I think. Which makes it tougher for me to sleep. And.... Mama needs her sleep, just let me tell you. Right now, I'm sitting here very thankful for my new job opportunity and have had a good couple days getting settled in... but, man, I'm TIRED. I mean, dog tired. Sheesh. Work is good, so far. Hope that continues for a very long time. :D Trying to get settled in this week... and watch and listen a lot. Ok, and talk a lot, too, lol. School is OK, but a LOT of work right now. Baby B is OK, but a lot of work right now. Lil M is good... and well, she's keeping me sane. :) She came in the family room last night and I think her one and only goal was to make me laugh. Of which, she succeeded. Life is good. I do have to confess that if they are going to send Baby B to her grandmother's to live, I wish they'd just come on and do it... She can stay with us forever, but the not knowing... is a bit tough for me some days. Again, I'm not saying I want her to go... I just feel like the state sometimes does the foster and bio families a disservice in their slowness. Peace.

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Laraf123 said...

I'm sure you've read that poem "One Hundred Years from Now..." When I think about what you are doing for the foster children who come into your life, I think of that poem. I wish you peace and strength on this important journey.