Monday, March 30, 2009

water heater

I had to get a new water heater last week. Not real exciting stuff, but necessary. So, I was lucky that a friend of mine put it in for me. Saved me $240!! :) Sweet. I'm all about saving money. It works well, and looks great. I'm so pleased! Now, I've got to get the old one out to the curb.

I've heard people complaining lately that home ownership isn't worth it... the expense out weigh the ownership. For me, I don't feel that way. I do realize there are things that have to be updated and cost money each year. But, so far, it's been realistic and not too overwhelming. I bet, though, if you had an old house, or one with a lot of problems, it would feel different.

Anyway, the only other home repair that I want to get done this spring is getting my whole house fan fixed... :)



Beautiful Mess said...

We just got a new water heater and WOW did it make the WORLD of difference. I love it! Glad you were able to get one, even better that you saved money!

Elizabeth said...

I'm with you- I believe owning our home far outweighs renting as well. Every year we have a few things we have to update, but that just goes with the territory! :)