Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Plugging along

Plugging or plodding... I don't know, but we're getting through the week. Lil M hasn't been taking naps like she needs to for the past 3 days. :( That messes us up... got to get her back on track. It was my fault, actually. We went to the Zoo on Saturday, and she had a late nap. She love the Zoo, of course, and I didn't feel like we could pass up such an absolutely gorgeous day. Then we had company Saturday night... more about that later... Sunday, we went to the Shriners' Circus. Another first for her. She got to ride a camel. That was fun to watch!! But, no nap at all. So, yesterday, she didn't take one at daycare. :( I'm sure it doesn't help that daylight savings came this past weekend, too.

So, what do other parents do to get their children back on schedule with naps???

As for the company on Saturday night, we had a girls-night-in... I had invited some girl friends, with and without kids, to come over. It happened that we were all Mamas there, and had 4 kiddos with 5 adults. We had pizza and wine (water/milk for the kids, of course). We had a blast!

My other question is, how do you decompress? Or get your adult-mommy time in? Do you have get-togethers? Do you go out? Get a sitter?

I haven't broken down and gotten a sitter, yet. But I think that day will come!! :) We had such a great time this weekend, though. And, that made it ALL worth it!


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