Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Batiks and goal

I just remembered that I have some absolute gorgeous fabric at home that I haven't found a project for. It is this earthy colored batik fabric... batik fabric is basically hand dyed and the dye is layered on. It is contemporary looking, but not something that won't look good years from now. It was very spendy to buy, and I have had it for probably 3 years or more now sitting in a drawer.

I need a new project or goal. Maybe making myself a quilt for a change might help. So, I'm toying with taking that fabric out and cutting it into simple squares and sewing them together to make a top. I sort of feel like it should be a fancier pattern, but I'm not sure I want to get too fancy with my first project back. But, I might look up patterns tonight and see what I think I can manage. Else, it'll be squares. :)

Even just to get an idea of a project seems somewhat appealing to me today. I need goals. And I have none right now.


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