Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cat...and not Manna

I have had my Manna girl (cat) for 15 years now... crazy. She is suffering from a thyroid condition right now, and has lost a lot of weight. I've been giving her meds for a few months now, and need to take her to checked again soon. Money, money, money... but I love her.

Anyway, today a cat walked up to my neighbor's house...they both asked if it was mine. It wasn't. It is a white and tan/grey calico. They tried to convince me to take her. So did Mindy and Chase. She's pretty. She has blue eyes... and has been laying on the couch with me all evening. But is it YET MORE MONEY if I keep her. Good grief.

I haven't made a decision yet.


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Beautiful Mess said...

Oh that's tough! I don't k now if I could say no. Not with a cuddly cat in my lap. Darn those adorable, loving cats! Good luck making the right choice!