Sunday, September 27, 2009


We went to an Alpaca farm today to see our friend Amy, Becky and Eli.

We went later than I thought, because it's been a bit of a bad day. We did enjoy getting out and seeing the animals, though. She got to pet them, and at first thought they were horses. She really enjoyed running around the farm. Playing with a kickball and Becky.

They had teddy bears made of the alpaca fur... man, they were the softest I've ever felt. Expensive, so I didn't buy one, but really neat.


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Beautiful Mess said...

OH NO! A bad day?! I hope all is well now.

Oooohhh a teddy bear made with alpaca hair?! I want one! Glad you enjoyed your day. Love the pictures. I just love seeing pictures of your Lil M. She is just so adorable!