Friday, September 11, 2009

Today we remember

I was sitting in a class with my co-workers 8 years ago this morning when everyone's beepers started going off. At first we thought it was nothing, but very quickly we realized that a NY tower had been hit. We all rushed to a conference room with a television and witnessed the tower falling. Then the 2nd tower was hit and fell.

Oh My God.



That day was a defining day in our history. And, may we always remember what our service men and women went through to keep us safe. May we always remember the volunteers, firemen and women, hospitals, police... EVERY ONE OF THEM. Every single person who helped, prayed and fought. I still pray and hope they have been able to move forward in their lives after that devastating day.

May God give us Peace.


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Beautiful Mess said...

I'm remembering with you today. I have so many people in my thoughts today.
Thank you for writing this.

Beautiful Mess said...

Hey sweetie,
Thanks for the checking in on me comment on my blog today. I'm doing well. Been really busy with the children starting school. I'm also having some separation anxiety, which is very unlike me. So I'm trying to figure out why. Other then that I'm doing well. Thank you for asking, I really appreciate it.

Hope all is well with you.