Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I know somewhere out there someone does a Thankful Thursday post... I just don't remember where, lol, so I'm going to do my own. This is pretty normal thanksgiving for me. ;-)

I'm really thankful for my friends... it is really awesome when they have your back, no questions asked... for the little things and the big. I have great friends.

I'm also thankful for Lil M. Every day, I'm thankful for her.

You know, I've been reading some articles this week about corruption in adoption. Specifically, some adoptions in Ethiopia. :( But then, someone sent me some articles about China, too. So. In that vain, I'm very thankful for Lil M and I pray that her family in China is OK and there was no wrong doing. I don't believe there was, but, well, we may never know.


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Beautiful Mess said...

I read a little about the corruption. It makes my heart break, as well. I'm glad you have Lil' M and she has you. I wish her family in China to be safe. hug that beautiful little girl and sniff that little girl head.