Monday, August 16, 2010

Last week

I haven't written in awhile... last week was a bit crazy for us. Monday, I took Manna (17 yo cat) to the Vet to get her meds refilled and blood work done. She's lost another pound... and is down to 4lbs 8oz. :( Gotta concentrate on her... Otherwise, the Vet said she looks great... her coat looks good and she is doing alright other than the weight loss. Does have a little heart murmur, but that's due to the thyroid/weight condition.

Wednesday, we went to T's 17 week Midwife visit... we heard the baby's heartbeat (150 bpm) and it kick and push away from the monitor... kind of neat. Lil M went with us. I've been struggling with headaches for 3 weeks or more and didn't feel too great, so I stayed home after that. Took a nap, and then T wanted to get some things done while we didn't have Lil M... (birthday stuff), so I agreed. We had a pretty good afternoon, until we got home and the AC was out. :( bah. Oh, and the three of us had a fun dinner with Auntie Ellen... it was great seeing her.

So, when we got home, I tried to get ahold of the people I've used before for HVAC issues... and their line was busy. So, I finally got someone else from a different place to come out first thing Thursday morning. My AC was fried. :( It needed to be replaced. So, Thursday, I got estimates from a couple of places... and went with the one who could come out on Friday to install a new one.

Friday, the HVAC place installed the AC portion of the new system, but they need to come back and finish the heat part later. I need to call them this week to find out approximately when they can do that. But we had AC by Friday night! Yahoo!!! Of course, it took hours for the temperature in the house to come down to a reasonable degree, but it felt great. The downstairs was so humid that the carpet bubbled up... and I was worried, but after a couple of days with the AC and the dehumidifier running it went back to normal, Thank God.

Saturday, we all laid around the house being completely lazy after not having AC in the house for 3 days... we were tired! Man, heat can wear you out. Yesterday, we went to the baseball game, and sweated some more... but it was a good day. Mimi and Chase came to hang with us.

So, there you have it. I ended up with a new heat pump system because mine was 26 years old and I knew that if I didn't go ahead and replace the whole thing that something might happen later this year or next requiring the heat portion to be replaced. This way, the whole thing is new, and hopefully will last us well until we find a new house in the district I want when Lil M gets to big-girl school. :)


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