Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I've been asked to link to a blog called Adoption Experiences. I hope you will go out and see what other folks are writing about their lives and adoption. Oh, and I was asked if they could put my blog is on their site now, too. :) How nice is that?!

Last night, T was at her BF's house and she started having sharp stomach pains. So bad that she was doubled over, in fact. So, I had him bring her home immediately and I took her straight to the ER. They did a CBC blood panel and a urine test and checked for the baby's heartbeat (not in that order). We did hear the baby's heartbeat (130 bpm) and it kick, thank God. Everything came back normal, but they did give her Tylen*l and something else to help her stomach relax a little. Seems like everything is OK for now. They weren't sure why it was happening though. When I read about it online, several places said that it was likely her uterus growing. So, let's see.

Lil M is doing well. I'm excited for her birthday party next week. I still can't believe she'll be 4 years old and that she came home to me over 3 years ago now!!! Amazing. :D


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