Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One of those...

weeks, i guess...

Here's the breakdown.
1. AC unit went out needing to be replaced (lots and lots of money)
2. Broken camera (that i left on the top of the car, yes i'm an idiot)
3. Tax bill (that i miscalculated 2 years ago... due to sleep deprivation)
4. Washing machine went out (oh great... more money!!)

On top of money stress, which will be worked out, Thank God... there's work stress and T stress...

on a positive note, Lil M turns 4 on Friday! :D I ordered her a Little Mermaid cake to go with the decorations... she got her first soccer ball and cleats today... and starts soccer on Wednesday. Wait, that's more money... but it's a good spending one.

We should find out Wed what T is having.

Tomorrow, Lil M goes for her 4 year check-up and shots. Killing two birds with one stone (foster license update and immunization records for school). I think I found her a Chinese-American Dentist that we're going to see in a few weeks. Am trying to find her a Chinese-American Ped too, but not sure if I have yet or not.

Why? 'Cause, I figure they might have a little more heritage knowledge than other doctors... and I think it would be nice for Lil M to see familiar facial characteristics in some adults and other people... just an idea. who knows.

Next up... wanting to get her into Chinese school.... if i can. oh and still haven't registered her for basketball camp.

wow, we could be busy this fall. that is if i can get the finances under control.



Laraf123 said...

Wow! She's going to be four--what a big girl, she's growing so fast! Sorry about all the money woes. As far as finances are concerned, when it rains, it pours--at least that's my not-so-fun experience. But it sounds like you have some fun stuff to look forward to. And what a great idea to find Chinese-American adults who are successful professionals as role models in your community!

DearMissMermaid said...

What a cute blog. Smart choice to get her a mermaid cake (seeing as I'm a mermaid myself!)