Thursday, February 5, 2009


Nothing major going on today. This past week I got my finances in order (ok, the budget, anyway)... and it's got me back to thinking about a 2nd adoption. I've been reading a blog about a lady who is a Single Mom by Choice (SMC) and has 3 children already...but is adopting 2 more! Wow. I don't have dreams of having 5... but perhaps a 2nd wouldn't kill me after all!! LOL

Thankful for:
1. other moms who have been there done that (btdt)
2. maggi moo (my sheltie) and her smarts... just because
3. sleep!
4. the ability to freeze leftovers
5. Bones - the show



Sandee said...

hey. my ears are burning! LOL we are a California family. Just the word Kentucky sounds cool I have been to Tennessee....does that count! :)

Have a great weekend....

MissMeliss said...

That's funny!! I visited CA only one time.. San Francisco. It was awesome!! KY is good too! :)