Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First time menu

So, I came up with a list of menu items for the month yesterday. I figure making 4 real meals a week gives me lunches and leftovers for the other 3 days. If we don't have enough then we'll have something frozen, or I'll make something additional. I've also added re-use meals, where I will use something from a previous meal that I know I will have plenty of in a new meal. You will likely notice we eat a lot of beans and rice in different combos. :)

Here goes...

Week 1
Turkey meatloaf, veggie
Quiche - veggie and hashbrowns
Tacos/burritos (w/ beans)

Week 2
turkey dogs w/ beans & veggie
taquitos w/ veggie
chicken & rice w/veggie
breakfast for dinner

Week 3
Cabbage soup w/ rice
mini pizzas
lentils w/ rice
turkey burgers
re-use meal - lentil filled burritos

Week 4
bean soup (w/ rice)
stuffed peppers
chicken w/rice & veggie
re-use meal - veggie burgers w/ bean soup

1 comment:

Deb said...

Sounds good! I often cook extra so that I have quick grab and go meals in the freezer. One of our go to meals lately has been chili over baked potatoes. I haven't tried making beans in my crockpot yet but that is something that I have planned. I bought some black beans to start with. What spices do you use in yours?