Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday night thoughts

Today has been pretty non-eventful, but good. The weather is getting a little warmer, the dogs seem to be doing a little better... and Lil M and I had a relaxing evening at home. Good stuff. I'm feeling a little bored and tired, so will be off to bed soon!!

GiST 2/6
Thankful for:
1. my job, having a job in this economy
2. my co-workers... it is SO SO SO different than my last job.
3. eggs (they make great meals... so long as i don't think about it too much, lol yes, i'm nuts)
4. music - has such an impact on my life so often
5. cloth diapers - laundry isn't too bad, and i don't feel like i'm hurting the env't as bad. it's all relative.

Nothing special going on this weekend, except errands and visiting family... maybe. Sis has a cold and I'm not sure we want to go if she's sick.

We might end up going anyway, 'cause it's been like 4 weeks since we've seen her!! YIKES. We had a little celebrating to do over the Judge awarding her custody of her son after the last hearing. Jake was supposed to show proof of health insurance, and he didn't. So, Mindy's lawyer submitted the docs. We don't have the official paperwork yet, but it is still a great move forward.



Elizabeth said...

I like how you add little thankful lists to your posts! :) Have a good weekend :)

Rachel said...

Sometimes it takes a while, but there is always something to be thankful for. Thanks for the reminder!