Friday, February 27, 2009

Lil M is 2.5 today

My baby is officially 2.5 years old today. :) She can count to 10, loves to sing the ABC's (acd, mommy), and is doing really well on the potty-training. She loves the dogs, and can actually call them by name now! She says bye to all of them in the morning... including the cat. :) Her favorite toy is still her "Meow". But she loves her blocks and to be read to... daily! She still loves the up-down game, pattacake, and peek-a-boo. :)

So, since she is 30 months old... and was adopted 9.5 months old, came to the USA at 10 months old. :) So, She's been with me for over 20 months now! YEAH!!!

She's the light of my life for sure.



A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Happy Birthday, "Lil M"!


onemorebaby said...

Hi! I am new here- so I thought I would say "Hi!" Your daughter is beautiful! Enjoy! As you know, it goes way too quickly! : )

Rachel said...

She is beautiful. Happy half birthday!