Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday thoughts

Today is my birthday. Actually, it's Sis' birthday, too! :D There's a group of us going to dinner tonight, and that's going to be awesome. Scott's going to come pick Lil M and I up at the house and then we're going to meet everyone else. Then, after dinner, we're going to drive up to Sis' house and spend the night with Sis and Nephew! Tomorrow morning, we fly to Atlanta to hang out with Scott's family for the weekend. I've not met them yet, and am a bit nervous. But, I think it'll be OK. :)

I guess my main thought today is that I'm truly THANKFUL for my life and for being able to live another day. No, there isn't anything wrong with me... I've just been wanting to make sure I remember to be more appreciative for every moment of every day, because life is short. Even, when some days I feel old! But I don't ever want to "be old"... you know, in spirit! I will, however, be thankful to be as old as God sees fit! :)

I've been kind of blah lately... so, I'm hoping the new birthday brings renewed happiness and life! And, oh, here's to thanking God I'm not quite hitting the next decade yet!!! LOL (ok, it'll happen, but not for awhile yet) The past recent months have been pretty darn good. But I had about a year there where life just kind of sucked (and in no way because of my daughter). So, here's to a new (birth) year for me...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!! :) Love you!!



Beautiful Mess said...

Happy birthday to BOTH of you! Can I PLEASE squeeze and kiss Little M's cheeks?! They are SO cute and delicious! Have a GREAT weekend. Here's to many more birthdays *cheers*

Billy said...

Happy Birthday!!!