Friday, May 8, 2009

Huggies commercial is awful

I hate the new Huggies commercial for Mother's Day. And I mean HATE.

It goes something like this: It is the one where they are giving away free Huggies for a year to qualify must: Unite male chromosones with a female egg. Once fertilized, retain a radiant glow for about 9 months, after morning sickness. Frequent emotional mood swings, letting people touch your belly and then spit out a baby... eww.


I realize we're in the minority, but still. Could the companies think outside the box on occasion? This totally just set me wrong. Mother's Day things should, IMO, celebrate ALL mothers... and people have babies who need diapers... and those babies don't necessarily come from this way. They should have at least mentioned that in the disclaimer or something, that ALL moms with babies are welcome to participate. Not just the pregnant ones.



Billy said...

I agree with you, they should be open to other paths to parenthood (but have to add that personally I don't know this commercial - not American)

Sarah said...

I am SO with you. I was brought nearly to tears thinking of my own adopted children, and so many dear friends who have suffered through the heartache of miscarriages and infertility on their path to motherhood through adoption and surrogacy.

We're real moms, too.

sarah in Ohio