Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have a horrible sore throat this week, and feel just terrible... headache, no energy, glands in my neck are swollen... did I mention the horrible sore throat? So, I went to the Dr. today. It's official. I have strep throat. :( boohoo.

The Dr. prescribed antibiotics, and I started taking them about 1pm. Apparently, I will be contagious until tomorrow (at least). Great. Oh well, it could always be worse!! LOL

My friend MK brought me some dinner, Lil M some dinner and brought Lil M home from daycare for me!! She's so nice. :) Apparently, I have a tough time asking for help, but she always seems to know when I need it!! I was hoping she and MK2 could come in for a bit, but since I'm contagious it isn't such a good idea I guess. Oh well. There will be other days!!

Anyway, hopefully I'm the only one with the sickies this week!!



Beautiful Mess said...

ACK! Get better soon! I hope Lil M doesn't get sick! Sending you lots of "get better soon" vibes and a hug!

Miss Meliss said...

thanks!! me too. i sort of let her watch tv in her room last night and tonight... trying to limit out time together a's hoping it works!!

thanks for the healing vibes and hug!! :) let's hope the meds kick in tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! I just checked my blogger site and saw that you were interested in visiting my new wordpress blog, so come on over!

Elizabeth said...

Haven't been visiting in a while so I thought I'd say hi and hope you are feeling better, we've had the neverending sickies here as well :P