Monday, February 1, 2010

Budget stuff

On occasion I like to look at my debt - income ratio situation. Actually, I look at my finances all the time. I'm an odd bird. I like to know what's going out and coming in and if I'm on track at all.

Life took a few unexpected turns the past 3 years or so, and now I'm finally feeling like things are getting sorted out. I believe if a person is going to live (and, better yet, thrive) on a budget then you have to be super-diligent with it. I am not perfect by any means, but I've come a long way in my adult life in this area. :)

I'm still keeping monthly necessities to as much of a minimum as I can. I've even considered giving up my Netfl!x, but I don't think that $9 a month is a big deal. It's when you have SEVERAL of those things that it becomes a real bill to worry about. Money has been pretty tight around here for awhile, and I know that $10 is nothing really... but it sure can add up quick. (try adding up all your "little", insignificant expenses sometime)

Anyway, having another person in the house, the electric/heat bill has gone up considerably, as has our food bill. These are to be expected. Question is, how or if either can be brought back down at all. The electric bill is always much higher in the winter than any other time, even in the summer, for me.

No 'aha's' here... just thoughts. The one thing that has been of concern is my dependent account and having to pay daycare out of pocket this month, as opposed to that acct. That takes a bit of planning, 'cause DC ain't cheap kiddos. lol.

I wonder how people handle daycare if they got divorced and their child has to be in full-time DC vs at home. I mean, that'd be all of your child support, I'd think... or it might not even cover the full cost. Of course, I do not have that concern, but I do wonder how others handle that.

The past 6 weeks has given me an idea of what kind of costs might happen if I had number 2 permanently... that's sort of scary financially... but doable. Definitely would require more planning and diligence than even now.


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Beautiful Mess said...

Good for you for keeping on top of your budget! Being aware is the most important thing, I think.

Keep up the good work, hon!