Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My own time

I was thinking about his coming Monday and wishing I had the day off by myself... but school will be out and, of course, I won't be by myself. Then, I thought about how much I love Lil M and how I love spending time with her any time! I do not have any bad feelings about fostering... but it has been a big adjustment for all of us and sometimes I like my alone time. lol

Speaking of Lil M, she has been a bit more emotional lately, which is kind of odd. She has always been pretty easy to make smile or laugh, but lately she's been more giggly (which I love) and crying more. I think the crying is because of a) the family change and/or b) she wants me to hold her, because she knows that if a baby cries, someone will hold the baby... she tells me sometimes that Monkey or Meow are crying and I tell her to hold them to get them to not cry... I'm trying to get her to use her words, but it's a work in progress. And she does it when she knows I might be upset with her for something... so, I guess it could be all three reasons. We'll figure it out, though. :)

Ok, so one adorable thing this week... I shoveled snow yesterday (not so adorable), and Lil M stood at the window and every time I looked up at the house she would wave and say I Love You Mommy (T said she was yelling it, but I couldn't hear her, just read her lips). I mouthed it back... and waved. ADORABLE. Seriously. :D

I love that amazing little one.



Demeter said...

I just bumped into your blog. I think it is amazing that you have taken a journey to be the mother of that adorable Lil M. She is so fortunate to have you as her mom.

Beautiful Mess said...

It could also just be her age. She might be going through some transition. I know both Nae and Zilla did the whinny thing around Lil M's age.

Glad things are going well. Alone time is overrated ;o)